Are you a mobile game developer & want the opportunity to deliver your games to thousands of users?
No complicated SDK or API.
Interfacing to arcadie is extremely simple, there are no external hardware devices to be communicated with.
No external libraries needed.
As no external devices are communicated with, there are no need for any libraries.
Games can be compiled using xCode or Flash CS5.5+
As interfacing to arcadie is simple, you can develop with any package you want to.
Games can be HTML5 based.
HTML5 can be used if you don't have an Apple Developer account. arcadie will play webgames!
Games must be work with iPod touch 3 & iPhone 3GS.
As arcadie supports a range of devices from the iPod Touch 3rd gen and iPhone 3GS, the games should support these and newer devices.
Developers have total freedom on pricing/advertising structure.
Generate revenue from your games any way you want to - pricing, advertising we don't mind.
Arcadie promoted games will be reviewed.
If your game is particulary awesome, we may choose to promote it on the website and the app.

Buzly Labs Games develop the 2nd 3rd party game for arcadie.

BuzlyLabs specializes in game and application development for mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

BuzlyLabs was founded 2010 and is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Check out Buzly Labs website for more info.

If you are interested in developing for the arcadie platform?

Please send an email to this address.

It will also help us if you can outline any game ideas you have and examples of previous work. We will aim to get back you as soon as possible. Our development pack is in PDF format and will be emailed to you after we have reviewed your info.

arcadie for iPhone & iPod Touch
arcadie for iPad mini
arcadie GO!
arcadie for iPhone & iPod Touch
arcadie for iPad mini
arcadie GO!

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